The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is the most widely used method for understanding personality – more than 3 million people worldwide complete it each year. It will help you to understand your motivations, strengths and positive qualities; to appreciate others; to make constructive use of differences; and to approach problems in different yet co-operative ways and thus be more productive.

With the MBTI, you will explore your preferences for taking in information, making decisions, your focus of attention, how you like to organise your life and your preferred style of working and interacting with others.

Many people find that the MBTI supports them with:

Based on sound psychological theory developed by Jung, the MBTI will help you to understand yourself better and to appreciate others. A positive and constructive model researched and validated over more than 50 years, it will not ‘pigeon-hole’ you nor limit your growth; indeed, it includes a developmental life-long aspect.

An MBTI 1:1 session with Roger, a qualified practitioner, typically lasts about two hours, during which he will help and encourage you to determine where your own preferences lie within the MBTI model. This session is preceded by you completing a questionnaire. The total cost, including all materials, is £95.