Adult Learning

We have supported many adults in their learning and development. Perhaps you are ...

  • studying for qualifications at home
  • wanting to develop your workplace skills
  • looking for a new job or promotion
  • considering a major career change
  • running or starting up a business.

If so, find out here how we can help you.

Home Study

Many people feel the need for a bit of extra support when studying from home. Perhaps you are taking an Open University course, A level or other qualification or working on your english, maths, computer or science skills - if so we can help you to understand and learn the subject and to pass the exams.

English for Adults

Astrid can help you brush up your reading, writing and communication skills. These core English skills and confident use of Standard English are essential in the work context:

- Reading skills enable you to understand and interpret all kinds of written material easily and effectively;

- Writing skills enable you to write any material clearly, accurately and concisely, e.g. reports, proposals, letters etc;

- Speaking and listening skills enable you to communicate well and confidently when you present material orally, either informally or in a formal context.

A Change in Direction

A good place to start is with you - your natural abilities and aspirations. How well do you know yourself? The MBTI personality profile will show you your motivations, strengths and positive qualities. More than 3 million people worldwide complete it each year read more > >

Selection Tests

As more companies use psychometric and aptitude tests during recruitment or promotion, it is vital that you score well. We can help you to increase your speed and accuracy in numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests. And if you are going to take a personality test, find out what employers are looking for and how to impress them read more > >

Workplace Skills

Working on your core skills will enhance your current work and help you get the next job. Roger's training experience can help you with

  • leading others
  • working with teams
  • being assertive
  • handling conflict
  • managing change
  • making presentations

Coaching for Work

One-to-one coaching can help you to develop your abilities and attitudes. Our coaching approach includes the skills of active listening and effective questioning to develop your self-awareness, provide support, encourage the taking of responsibility and building of commitment read more > >