Maths tuition with Roger

I have a B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of London and a Ph.D. After an initial career in the petroleum, computer and telecommunications industries, I taught science and mathematics at South Bank College, London and instructed at Bowles Outdoor Centre near Crowborough. I have also been a tutor at Commonwork, a local charity concerned with sustainable living and global citizenship.

For twenty years I have supported many maths students in the Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge area, tutoring at all levels to GCSE, A level and beyond.

Essential skills

Mastery of the fundamentals is essential for the further development of mathematical ability. Tuition in these essential skills may include:

  • mental arithmetic
  • tables and factors
  • fractions, decimals and percentages
  • shapes, angles, areas and volumes
  • algebraic manipulations
  • effective use of a calculator

Pictures and patterns

I encourage students to draw pictures, however simple, when working on a mathematical problem. Pictures help the brain because they:

  • show what is known and unknown
  • reveal underlying connections
  • suggest possible routes to a solution
  • encourage a calm and thoughtful approach

Effectiveness at maths is often about being able to see the pattern. Tuition in this ability helps everyone to increase their understanding, enhances problem solving skills and also builds confidence.


It is vital to understand the why as well as the how in maths. For example, algebra may have been taught as a series of processes. Gaining a deeper understanding of these processes will help you to perform with greater confidence and accuracy.

Different people understand things in different ways. I find that tuition on a one-to-one basis is very effective as it can focus on and enhance these individual ways of understanding.

Problem solving

This often unpractised ability is important in all areas of maths. To help with problem solving, I work together with students on a range of maths problems at the right level, showing how to:

  • extract the key information
  • draw pictures and see patterns
  • try suitable mathematical approaches
  • be ready to adapt or change an approach
  • use their ideas with confidence
  • build on successes

Building confidence

Many people wish they were more confident in their maths. I can help you to build that confidence by:

  • focusing on what you are able to do
  • providing support and encouragement
  • ensuring that you do have successes
  • dealing with your individual difficulties
  • showing you some useful methods
  • increasing your understanding

Confidence can quickly develop with the support of an experienced tutor.