Learning Styles

How do you learn best? Do you like to slowly read and think about a topic on your own? Or do you prefer to discuss ideas with others? Or do you learn best when doing practical activities? There are in fact four distinct learning styles. We do need to use all of them from time to time. But each of us has preferences, strengths and weaknesses.

The four learning styles

This is learning though action and experience. In this style you relish the challenge of new experiences and this motivates you and helps you to learn. You are less interested in implementation. It tends to be a gregarious style involving others.
This style is about sitting back and reflecting, learning through the collection, study and careful analysis of information. You seek to reach a deeper understanding of the subject before moving forward. It tends to be a rather lonely style.
Here you focus on basic assumptions, principles, theories and models. The style is about logic, concepts and detached analysis. There is no place here for subjective or lateral thinking. The goal is a neat and orderly logical scheme.
In this style you are keen on trying out ideas, techniques and theories in practice. There is no place here for open-ended discussions, it is all about being down to earth and solving practical problems as though you are in a laboratory or workshop.

What are you preferred learning style(s) - and which do you need to develop?