Motivating Yourself

Understanding what motivates you and how you can maintain your level of motivation will help you to succeed at your studies. Try working through the ideas below using the analogy of a space rocket on a journey.

A rocket has a mission. What is your mission, where are you heading? What career do you intend to follow or what would you like to read at university? What qualifications and grades will you need? Set yourself an overall goal - looking to the future will help to keep you energised and focussed.
The rocket makes its journey in stages - earth orbit, moon orbit, moon landing for example. Break down your journey with intermediate goals, things that you will achieve this week or this month. Remember that each small step is a part of your giant leap!
What are the things that positively motivate you? These things might include the subject itself, learning new ideas, studying in the company of others, getting something finished, making progress, succeeding at exams, recognition and achievement. Like the fuel in a rocket, these are the things that will speed you on your journey across the universe. Make sure your tanks are full!
Launch Pad
What are the things that might prevent you taking off? Do you have a suitable place to study, the right conditions to concentrate, not too much distraction? Do you have the resources, the support and encouragement, are you rewarding your efforts? How will you cope with setbacks, boredom or feeling overwhelmed by it all? Take control, deal with any problems and maintain your launch pad!