Physics, Chemistry and Biology with Roger

I have a B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of London and a Ph.D. After an initial career in the petroleum, computer and telecommunications industries, I taught science and mathematics at South Bank College, London and instructed at Bowles Outdoor Centre near Crowborough. I have also been a tutor at Commonwork, a local charity concerned with sustainable living and global citizenship.

My tuition uses an exciting approach that shows the relevance and importance of the sciences to our everyday lives. Over twenty years I have helped many students in the Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge area to success in their physics, chemistry and biology studies at all levels up to GCSE and A level.


Physics is all about discovering the nature of our universe from atoms to stars to galaxies. Our understanding has developed over thousands of years and our knowledge of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, heat, light, sound, radioactivity has a major impact on our everyday lives. Some popular tuition topics are:

  • key concepts - force, energy, work etc.
  • forces, mechanics and dynamics
  • waves, light and sound
  • electricity and magnetism
  • particles and radiation
  • the earth, solar system and universe
  • calculations and SI units
  • experimental techniques


Our modern world depends on chemistry. Many of the the plastics, steels and other materials we use, the agricultural and pharmaceutical products, our fabrics, fuels and washing powders are products of the chemical industry. Modern courses (e.g. Salters), focus on this context and there is a lot to learn:

  • key elements, compounds and reactions
  • bonding and structure
  • reaction conditions and catalysts
  • chemical industry and society
  • materials and their properties
  • chemistry and the environment
  • calculations - moles, concentrations
  • experimental and lab techniques


Biology is the story of life from replicating molecules to bacteria to multicellular organisms. Landmarks include the work of Franklin and Wilson, Watson, Crick and others in finding out the structure of DNA … our understanding of genetics and the unravelling of the human genome … and the development of penicillin, vaccines and drugs to deal with illness and disease. Tuition often includes:

  • molecules of life
  • cell structure and processes
  • photosynthesis and respiration
  • animal and plant structure and metabolism
  • senses and nerves and movement
  • reproduction and growth
  • heredity and evolution